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When Is Negotiating an Installment Agreement Your Best Option?

If you're found to have a tax liability, the IRS expects you to pay in a timely fashion. If you don't, you'll get hit with tax penalties, interest charges, and other fees that can make those unpaid taxes snowball. Do you currently owe more in back taxes than you think you'll ever be able to repay? Call Taxation Solutions, Inc. There are a variety of tax settlements available to you, and one that is quite likely to ease your burden is the installment agreement. By negotiating an installment payment plan on your behalf, our tax resolution specialists will take an overwhelming tax debt sum and divide it into manageable monthly payments. Stick to the payment plan, and you'll see a light at the end of that back tax tunnel. 

Installment agreements are ideal whether you're new to tax problems or you've been dealing with wage garnishment, tax liens, and other penalties for years. In order to be eligible, you must be up to date on filing all tax returns, as well as in paying estimated taxes. Indianapolis' Taxation Solutions, Inc. team can help you determine how much you can and should pay toward your tax debt each month. Then, we'll present the best possible case to the tax authorities. In general, you'll be given up to 60 months to pay off your balance—and compared to paying in one lump sum, five years can be life-changing. Ready to get started? We're just a phone call away!